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Partners in Hope Medical Center: Lilongwe, Malawi

The UCLA Program in Global Health has been fortunate to forge a strong collaboration with the Partners in Hope (PIH) Medical Center in Lilongwe, Malawi. PIH is a Malawian nongovernmental organization founded by Perry Jansen, a UCLA-trained expatriate physician who lives with his family in Malawi. PIH has provided free HIV education, care, and treatment to Malawi’s poor since its inception. The organization’' Moyo (hope) Clinic is an HIV/AIDS specialty unit designated by the Malawian government as a high-medium-burden site. This means that the clinic is allocated resources to place 100 new AIDS patients per month on antiretroviral medications. The clinic has the capacity to provide HIV care to 5,000 patients per month.

PIH also operates a private general medicine clinic at its Medical Center. The Dalitso (grace) Clinic provides quality care to thousands of Malawians and expatriates, including the employees of the United Nations in Malawi’s Central Region. Resources raised from Dalitso support the free care provided in Moyo. In addition to the UN, PIH is supported by the Malawian Government Ministry of Health, National AIDS Commission, USAID, UNICEF, AVERT, and DFID. The clinical staff is comprised of five U.S.-trained missionary physicians, a UN physician, and a doctor provided by the German government. Seventy Malawian clinical officers, nurses, lab technicians, counselors and trainers, accountants, and others are employed at Partners in Hope.

John Hamilton, former Assistant Provost for the UCLA campus, heads the UCLA Program in Global Health's efforts in Malawi and serves as the Clinic Director for Partners in Hope. UCLA has equipped the PIH Medical Center with a research/clinical laboratory to support future collaborations. UCLA Professor Otto Yang (Medicine–Infectious Diseases) has expanded his research activities to the laboratory at PIH. His work will examine the interactions of HIV-1 sequences with the environment in Malawi (the genetic background of Malawian people and the HIV drug treatments being used in Malawi). PIH will provide a unique opportunity to investigate these processes in an understudied region of Africa.

EQUIP-Malawi is a collaboration among the Partners in Hope clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi; UCLA PGH; the Malawi Ministry of Health; the Christian Health Association of Malawi; Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; and Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative. EQUIP-Malawi is funded by PEPFAR through USAID-Malawi, and the goal is to improve the capacity of health care systems in central Malawi to deliver HIV/AIDS care by improving the continuum of HIV care, the quality and efficiency of care, and workforce training and development.

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