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Project Title: Social media for health behavior change

Faculty name: Sean Young, PhD, MS

Department/Division: Medicine / Family Medicine

Project Description: Various projects related to using social media and mobile technologies for health behavior change. US-based projects include using social networking / social media and cell-phone based technologies for HIV prevention, drug-addiction treatment, and stress reduction. Each of these has implications for international use. International project in Peru where peer leaders are trained in fundamentals of using social media for HIV prevention to increase HIV testing among high-risk groups.

Type of Project: Research; Education

City or Region: Various cities- Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

Partner(s): Stanford University

Sean Young, PhD, MS

Project Title: Role of Vitamin D in the Innate Immune Response to Tuberculosis

Faculty name: John S. Adams, MD

Department/Division: Orthopaedic Surgery

Project Description: This is a grant to discover the role of the Toll-like receptor-stimulated human macrophage in the endogenous synthesis and vitamin D receptor (VDR)-directed action of the vitamin D hormone to generate an antimicrobial responses in vivo.

Type of Project: Research

Partner(s): NIH

John S. Adams, MD

Project Title: Guam Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Program (GCHCP)

Faculty name: Judith R. Baker, MHSA

Project Description: The GCHCP is Guam's multidisciplinary team of health care professionals that provide diagnostic, treatment, prevention, education, surveillance and research to improve the health of residents with inherited bleeding disorders.  GCHCP is one of 130 federally supported and regionally organized Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the US.  UCLA serves as the Region IX administrative office, providing leadership and oversight to the GCHCP and 13 other Centers in California, Hawaii and Nevada. 

Type of Project: Research; Education; Service

City or Region: Territory of Guam; Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands

Partner(s): UCLA; Federal Hemophilia Treatment Centers / Region IX; DHHS HRSA; US DHHS CDC

Judith R. Baker, MHSA

Project Title: International Visiting Scholars in Addiction Treatment Research & Training at ISAP

Faculty name: Richard Rawson, PhD

Department/Division: Psychology & Biobehavioral Science

Project Description: Every year UCLA ISAP hosts international visiting scholars (pre-and post-doctorates, medical students, MDs, psychologists, NIDA INVEST fellows) from all over the world for individually tailored programs in addiction research and training for varying lengths of stay.  Currently our scholars hail from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Egypt and Iran.

Type of Project: Research; Education

City or Region: Los Angeles, California

Partner(s): UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

Richard Rawson, PhD

Project Title: The Environome Project: Examining the Environmental Determinants of Human Health and Disease

Faculty name: George M. Slavich, PhD

Department/Division: Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior

Project Description: The Environome Project aims to advance the conceptualization and assessment of environmental factors that influence human health and disease. A primary goal of the project is to develop automated systems for measuring life stress that can be deployed to researchers and clinicians worldwide.

Type of Project: Research; Education

City or Region: Los Angeles, California

Partner(s): Society in Science: Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

George M. Slavich, PhD

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