Our vision

Our vision is to improve health equity worldwide and foster the next generation of global health leaders.

Our mission

We work to improve health equity through medical education, faculty support, and longitudinal partnerships. We provide medical students with transformative experiences that instill a passion for global health equity and support post-graduate trainees and faculty in advancing global health work. Our core activities include multidisciplinary education programs, clinical training, patient care, and research and public health initiatives. Through respectful and mutually-beneficial collaborations, we enable students, trainees, faculty, and staff to work effectively alongside partners on locally-identified solutions to pressing global health challenges.

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Kelsey Martin

"Global health experiences open the hearts and minds of our trainees by exposing them to different cultures, health systems, and diseases. They focus attention on the essence of the patient-doctor relationship, and trainees return to UCLA with a deeper appreciation for the spectrum of health inequities globally, and for the incredible resources available in the American health care system."

Dr. Kelsey Martin, former Dean of DGSOM