Learning, exploring, and gaining a global perspective

The Global Health Program (GHP) offers medical students diverse experiential learning opportunities that improve their knowledge, skills, and competency around health equity. Whether arriving with extensive global health experience or seeking a first exposure to the interdisciplinary field, students can choose among different global health paths and engage longitudinally within our existing partnerships related to research, medical education, clinical service, and public health programming.

These experiences inspire future leaders who will innovate and transform health in communities with the most limited access to care, both locally and globally. Our program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to global health education, drawing from expertise within and outside of DGSOM, and includes training in social and structural determinants of health, research ethics, and public health and policy, while also exposing students to the tools required to advocate for health equity.

Longitudinal education embedded in equitable partnerships

Our philosophy is to ensure that students engage in socially responsible and ethical global health experiences that provide knowledge and skills in the areas of health equity research, clinical care, advocacy, and/or public health.

DGSOM is committed to fostering reciprocal partnerships with careful attention to local ownership, equity, and sustainability. At many sites, DGSOM students work alongside local medical trainees to facilitate peer learning.

former student John Nesemann

"The Global Health Program has been the highlight of my time at UCLA. The incredible faculty are responsive, supportive, and always encouraging students to explore global health projects. My experiences with the Program have significantly helped to shape my path as a physician."

John Nesemann, Class of '22

Different ways to engage in global health

GHP offers multiple options for medical students opportunities for medical students to participate in global health at DGSOM. Students also can access resources for building research skills on our research resources webpage.

Global Health Equity Pathway

Intensive program that incorporates a longitudinal commitment to health equity activities—both locally and globally—throughout medical school. Includes Foundations for Discovery and Discovery Year based at a partner organization.

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Global Health Concentration

Non-competitive program that allows students to gain in-depth knowledge regarding global health equity without committing to a global health-related Foundations for Discovery or Discovery Year. Open to all students; no application is necessary.

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Global Health Selective

Credit-bearing course that examines health and disease from political, historical, structural, and social perspectives. Open to all students.

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Global Health Clinical Electives

Experiential learning with global partners. All fourth-year students are eligible to apply.

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Leadership Opportunities

Includes the Los Angeles Global Health Conference, UCLA Global Health Case Competition, and roles within the Global Health Selective course. All students are eligible to apply.

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Note: All DGSOM students are invited to participate in numerous Global Health Program opportunities and special events without being part of the Pathway or Concentration. This provides flexibility for students who want to explore global health without making a commitment to a long-term project and coursework.