Approaching global health and disease from political, historical, structural, and social lenses

Reducing disparities in access to quality healthcare globally requires a nuanced understanding of the increasingly complex political, historical, structural, and social determinants of health. By examining health and disease from these perspectives, we aim to explore the underlying variables that shape health systems, the delivery of quality care, and the challenges in achieving global health equity.

In the Global Health Selective (offered to first-year medical students), we approach these challenges by using anti-colonial pedagogies, such as including the voices and perspectives of our global partners, and anti-oppressive pedagogies, including flexibility on assignments and varied teaching modalities (e.g., lectures, small group discussion, expert panels).

We engage students to reflect on key global health topics, which include global burden of disease, architecture of global health, health and human rights, climate change and health, and how to successfully engage in global health partnerships with attention to power dynamics, justice, equity, and sustainability.

Any student may attend any lecture or panel event in the Global Health Selective, regardless of enrollment status. Small group discussions are reserved for those who are enrolled in the Selective. In order to receive academic credit for the Selective, students are expected to attend all required events. Exact requirements vary each year, but the approximate time commitment is 10-15 hours between September and November each fall semester. Please note that the course is not offered during the spring semester.

The Selective is a required course for students who wish to participate in the Global Health Equity Pathway and Concentration.


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