Multi-disciplinary partnerships across the UC system

Within the UCLA community and larger UC system, we are committed to creating sustainable, bilateral partnerships to advance health initiatives. DGSOM collaborates with UCLA Health’s International Services team to strengthen multidisciplinary connections between the hospital and medical school, and offer education and training programs to medical students, physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators from other countries.

For example, physicians from other countries can engage in observership training through the International Physician Observership Program. We also work closely with the UCLA International Institute to align DGSOM’s policies and processes with those across the rest of the school, prevent duplication of efforts, and identify areas for synergy in global health programming and research. Our focus on multi-disciplinary approaches also extends to the Center for Global and Immigrant Health within the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and other health sciences programs, where we seek to discover opportunities in which existing programs and research can be enhanced through integration.

Within the larger University of California school network, we participate in the system-wide global health initiative known as the University of California Global Health Institute that brings together faculty from across schools and disciplines to design and discuss ways to collaborate for high-impact health initiatives around the globe.