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Education and Training

GHP applies a multidisciplinary approach to global health education. Drawing from expertise within and outside of DGSOM, GHP programs include training in social and structural determinants of health, research ethics, and public health and policy while also exposing students and trainees to the tools required to advocate for health equity. Participants become leaders who go on to innovate and transform health in the most underserved communities, both locally and globally. 

First authors on peer-reviewed publications

Since 2014, DGSOM students have been first author on 61 global health or health equity peer-reviewed publications.

DGSOM students participated in global clinical rotations

Since 2011, more than 350 DGSOM students participated in global clinical rotations in 29 different countries.

MS4 students in Mozambique

Deeper learning

A recent analysis of written reflections from medical students who participated in GHP senior global clinical rotations from 2014 to 2018 revealed that the students demonstrated learning related to all...

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Alex Vesling

Student balances work in medicine, anthropology, and community engagement

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Dr karan

Alumnus takes to the media to fight against COVID-19

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Seth Judson

Alumnus battles in the trenches of pandemic preparedness

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Partnering for Change

GHP students, trainees, faculty, and staff work alongside our colleagues around the world to promote community expertise and enable sustainable and equitable change. Our reciprocal, long-term collaborations in clinical training, patient care, and research and public health initiatives make a real difference in people's lives. 

Different Entities

GHP works with 19 different entities in ten countries on four continents to improve health locally and globally

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