Fourth year medical students traveling as part of the GHP's formal elective experience during the Spring of 2022:

Please note that the Global Health Program (GHP) follows a specific protocol for obtaining PEP for fourth-year DGSOM students traveling as part of our formalized elective experience. This protocol, along with information on our emergency call line for GHP students, is described in detail during the required pre-departure orientation programs. For students traveling with or without UCLA ASHE insurance, we can reimburse PEP medication co-pays, with pre-approval, up to $50 per prescription. Before purchasing PEP, we strongly recommend speaking with Dr. Traci Wells ( to ensure the appropriate protocol is being followed and the copays can be reimbursed. 

For all other medical students, postgraduate trainees, faculty, and staff:

The decision to travel with PEP should be determined in consultation with UCLA Occupational Health, your Travel Medicine Physician or Primary Care Provider, and your local supervisor, UCLA faculty supervisor, and/or program director.

In case of an HIV exposure, following up with UCLA Occupational Health upon return is required.

For more on PEP, review GHP’s PEP protocol and visit CDC PEP 101, where you can find basic information and guidance for occupational or non-occupational exposures.